Saturday, August 7, 2010

Eddie Diaz Sensafirm (Realistic Dildo) from EdenFantasys Review

I've never been to much into dildos, but after a few days of having fun with my new toy -- I've found myself wanting to "try him out" daily. Yes, I must confess, lol, I was SO excited to get the chance to review the Eddie Diaz Sensafirm (Realistic Dildo) from EdenFantasys that I didn't even realize he was a gay pornstar. Either way -- this tool works really well and definitely gets the job done! It's a 9-inch sensafirm penis that looks VERY realistic and FEELS realistic too. It's veined soft, but yet still very firm. My favorite feature is definitely the suction-cup base... it's perfect for playing around in the shower. Try sticking it to the shower wall and enjoying some playtime to yourself. ;) Another thing I love about this dildo is that it it warms to your body temperature when inserted. How realistic is that? After playing around with it I loved that it felt warm to the touch. This has got to be the most realistic dildo I've yet to try!

To get the most out of the Eddie Diaz Sensafirm...  be sure to only use a water-based lubricant. Cold or chilly lube can definitely become a quick mood killer, so rub water-based lube of choice in the palms of your hands to heat it up and generously slather it all over the Eddie Diaz 9" Sensafirm Dildo. Once you see how slippery, wet, and even more realistic this dildo looks -- you won't want to put it down! Sensafirm material is made to mimic real skin, but is also porous. This dildo must be cleaned after each and every use with warm water and toy cleaner or antibacterial soap. It's best to air dry this toy and then store it in a cool, dark place.

Cum-Factor: 5/5 *****
(VERY pleasureable -- I even teased my hubby that my Eddie Diaz Sensafirm Dildo will become his replacement.)

Check out the Eddie Diaz Sensafirm (Realistic Dildo) from EdenFantasys and other pleasurable sensafirm dildos...

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Realistic dildo by Topco
Material: SensaFirm™
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Anonymous said...

i understand its been a while since this was reviewed but I was looking to purchase this as a replacement for my lex calibre which after trying and trying..its just too thick. websites always advertise sizes and they are all over the place and innacurate. so was wondering if this could be recommended as a less girthy option? and what is its real dimensions as opposed to those advertised?
thankie x