Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sexy Pick "The Duchess Steel Boned Corset"

Kitty Says... Ohh lala! I can imagine him melting if I had this on.
This is definitely a corset I would LOVE to own & show off my curves in!

The Duchess Steel Boned Corset - $ 149.95

The Duchess is a burlesque inspired design made especially for curvier figures. The longer design throughout the torso flatters the tummy area and gently pushes the excess towards the hip area for fabulous curves. The hip area is also boned which gives a smooth, sensual hip line. The outer fabric is a heavyweight custom made Duchess satin, which has a slight brushed effect. This gives the satin a unique matte sheen. The back of the corset is 100 cotton twill which provides extra structure and still allows the skin to breathe.

For this corset we have used precision made high density German steel boning. There are 8 spiral steel bones and 4 hard steel bones. The blend of spiral steel and hard steel boning has been refined over the years to allow maximum movement without compromising on waist reduction. The waist reduction this corset is designed to achieve is between 2 to 4 inches. At the front of the corset is a 12 long steel busk (front fastener). This too, has been precision made in Germany and specially coated to give the busk a longer life span and increase its strength. The steel itself is high density and gives a higher level of rigidity than other types of lower grade busks which may look stronger.The back laces up with strong nylon lacing. Under the lacing is an optional modesty panel which can be pulled into place should you choose not to expose as much skin under the lacing.

We love to see the curves of a beautiful back but if you prefer to cover that area, its up to you. There are 6 garter loops made for wide width garters. The garter straps are not included but can be purchased separately, along with the petticoat and stockings. Whether youre wearing this corset with jeans or out for a special evening we recommend getting dressed a little early. If your not used to wearing corsets, tightening the laces and hooking the busk might be a little tricky the first time you try it. But the results are worth it - you'll love it!

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