Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sex, Avocados and Peppers 3 Strange Combinations

I know you are wondering what does these three things have in common. Sex and these two foods are in the same category, why? Because it has something to do with more sex. As we age our libido suffers. It can be set off by stress, side effects of medicines, illnesses, diseases and injury.

The first concept that comes to mind when your partner refuses sex is; no attraction or they are cheating. Most never seem to think it's a medical condition or other circumstances. A low sex drive can dramatically effect a relationship.

If you are not into male or female enhancements to increase sex drive, how about you go to the grocery store. The grocery store has everything you need to survive and to boost your sexual activity. There are sex foods and they can give you the same benefits as sexual enhancement products.

Avocados, they are not only full of nutrients for a healthier you. They also play a role in your performance in the bedroom department. This fruit is loaded with healthy fats. Because they have vitamin B6 and potassium. What does that mean? They will provide increased energy during sex.

Who would have thought, that you could eat a fruit and be a tiger between the sheets. No pills here! Naturally increases your stamina. No side effects and it's not expensive.

Peppers are spicy and exceptionally tasty. This is another sex food, to most that don't know. Jalapeno peppers are mild and spicy. They add such flavor and zest to foods. Especially to sex! When eating them, don't just think of them for their bold flavor.

Eat them when sex is on your mind. They are similar to chili peppers, which have a mellow slow heat that builds up the heart rate and circulation. The same as having sex. Peppers contain Caspian, which stimulates your sex hormones. Hot or mild eat up and be wild in the bedroom.

Did you know?
That jalapeno peppers helps lower blood pressure, fight migraines, sinus headaches, kills prostate cancer cells, relieve sinus congestion, inflammatory bowel diseases and inflammation. One of most favorites, they also help you to burn more fat and lose weight. And last but not least, they help reduce cholesterol levels. This food packs a lot of power!

Celery is also a libido-enhancing food. Eating it stimulates the body to release androsterone through sweat. This type of hormone has the ability to turn women on. If you have more serious problems and these foods don't work or you are allergic to them, there are male enhancements and female sex pills for effective results.

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